ELT Team at the STHLE Conference

The STLHE conference has blown through the Western campus like a cool breeze on a hot day. Instructors and administrators from all over Canada and beyond gathered on campus from June 21 to June 24, 2016 to share knowledge about teaching and learning in higher education.

The ELT team was in the thick of the event. Ramon mobilized our team of nine ITRC consultants to provide hands-on tech support for STHLE presenters. ITRC consultants in purple t-shirts could be seen throughout the halls of the UCC. It was a tall order to make sure that all of the cables were ready and the internet was working on each device, but the ITRC consultants rose to the challenge with grace and enthusiasm.

Jean, Deanna and Jen attended the conference as participants, taking note of development in eLearning technology. The team found the film session by Colleen Sharen and Adam Caplan and the gaming session by Katie Reck and Kristina Rouech especially educational. The Pecha Kucha presentation by University of Windsor’s Nobuko Fujita and Marck Lubrick gave us insight into how to better use our new lightboard.

In addition to attending the conference, Jen presented in conjunction with several members of the Teaching Support Centre - Lauren Anstey, Gavan Watson and Stephanie Horsley - on the upcoming improvements to the eLearning toolkit website. (Stay tuned for developments this September)

Throughout the conference Adam did noble service keeping the ITRC running with 1/9th of the normal staff. He made sure that technology users on campus had the high level of support that they’ve come to expect.

If you are an instructor who attended the conference and would like to implement your new and exciting ideas, you may want to contact the ELT team. We can help you turn your ideas into educational resources for your Western courses.

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