OWL Driver's License

The eLearning Technology team has started a new initiative to help students, faculty, and staff better understand OWL. The OWL Driver's License has three unique classes each built to familiarize participants with different aspects of OWL. Each section covers specific tools and functions in OWL for the needs of specific roles. The module itself lives inside of OWL, and demonstrates what can be done with basic knowledge of all the tools in OWL.

There are 3 main classes to the Driver's License: O Class, for everyone; I Class, for instructors and designers; and G Class, for instructors and Grade Admins. The licensing system aims to provide all types of users with fundamental knowledge to work comfortably with OWL. It will continue to be updated as new features and updates are added to OWL.

To join the site click here or follow the steps below:

  1. Log into OWL
  2. Navigate to Membership
  3. Click Joinable Sites
  4. Search for: “OWL Driver’s License”
  5. Click Join

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