Update: Turnitin Integration in OWL

Turnitin is changing how OWL will be able to connect to the service. Turnitin has planned to discontinue support for the current API integration that has allowed instructors to use the service within OWL. In anticipation of this change, OWL has developed a new integration that will allow instructors to continue using Turnitin for online assignments within OWL. The new integration was released in OWL on August 29th, 2016 at 9:00AM.

In order to minimize potential service interruption with Turnitin and originality reports for online assignments, we recommend that OWL assignments using the Turnitin feature be re-created if they were originally created before August 29th 2016 at 9:00AM. This applies to any Turnitin assignments that were manually created, duplicated, or imported from a project site and/or course site from a previous term. Any Turnitin assignments that are not re-created are at risk for not generating an originality report from Turnitin. These changes apply to both course and project sites using Turnitin in the Assignments tool. 

OWL assignments that are created, duplicated, or imported on or after August 29th 2016 at 9:00AM will function normally and do not need to be re-created. 

OWL assignments that are not using Turnitin will function normally and do not need to be re-created.

OWL assignments that already have student submissions should not be re-created to avoid losing student submissions. 

How to Re-Create OWL Assignments

Duplicate/Copy Assignments 

If you still have the old assignment(s), you can simply duplicate the assignments. 

1. Navigate to the Assignments tool
2. Click Assignment List
3. Click 'Duplicate' underneath the assignment you want to copy
4. A new assignment will appear in draft mode and will have 'Copy' in the title
5. Click 'Edit' underneath the new duplicated assignment
6. Adjust the necessary settings and click Post or Save as Draft
7. Delete the older assignment or save as draft

Importing Assignments

If you have the assignment(s) in another course or project site, you can simply import the assignments into your current site.

1. Navigate to your course site
2. Click on Site Info on the left-hand side
3. Click 'Import from Site'
4. Click 'I would like to merge my data' 
5. Check off the course site you would like to import content from
6. Click Continue 
7. Check off Assignments
Note: This will import all assignments in this course. You cannot select specific assignments.
8. Click Finish
9. Once the import is complete, the assignment(s) will be added to Assignments and saved as draft
10. Click 'Edit' on the newly imported assignment(s) to adjust necessary settings
11. Click Post or Save as Draft
12. Delete the older assignment or save as draft

Manually Creating Assignments

If you have already deleted your old assignment(s), you will have to manually create your assignment.

1. Navigate to Assignments
2. Click 'Add' on the top left
3. Provide a name and instructions your assignment
4. Adjust the necessary settings (dates, grades, access, etc.)
5. Check off 'Use Turnitin'
6. Click Post or Save as Draft


I am not using Turnitin in my assignment(s). Do I still need to re-create my assignment(s)?
No. If you are not using Turnitin you do not have to re-create your assignment(s). The assignment functionality in OWL is not affected by the Turnitin changes. 

My assignment was in draft mode, do I need to re-create it?
Yes. All assignments that were created before August 29th 2016 need to be re-created for Turnitin to generate originality reports, even if it was saved as a draft. 

What if my assignment doesn't open after August 29th 2016, do I need to re-create it?
Yes. All assignments that were created before August 29th 2016 need to be re-created for Turnitin to generate originality reports, even if it is set to open or be released to students after August 29th 2016.

How do I know when my assignment was created?
Within the Assignments tool, you can click on the title of your assignment to display the creation date. If 'Date created' displays a date before August 29th 2016 9:00 am (and the assignment uses the Turnitin feature), you will have to re-create the assignment.  

If I click 'Duplicate' on my assignment(s), will Turnitin work?
Yes. As long as you duplicate your assignment after August 29th 2016, the Turnitin service will work with the duplicated assignment. 

How do I delete my old assignment(s)?
By default, the Instructor role do not have permission to delete assignments. In order to change this, click Assignments > Permissions > Select 'Delete Assignment(s)' under the Instructor column > Click Save. If you go back to the Assignment List, you should be able to check off the assignment(s) under the Remove heading then click 'Remove Selected'. It is recommended that after you delete your old assignments that you disable this permission again to avoid potentially deleting active assignments.  

Will I still have access to old originality reports from previous terms?
Yes. Until Turnitin fully discontinues support for the old integration users will be able to access originality reports through OWL. 

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