Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

By: Mona Brennan-Coles

September 30, 2016

I recently started playing Pokémon Go (walking is SO much less boring) and realized that my battery life was dramatically decreased.  I extended my battery life by turning off sound effects and music and enabling battery saver mode.  You can read more about increasing battery life when you play Pokémon Go at

And since Pokémon Go isn’t the only drain on smartphone batteries, here are some other tips ...

  1. Check settings for battery usage.  Sometimes apps will be constantly trying to sync.
  2. Turn down your screen brightness.  Make sure you have turned on auto-brightness and adjusted its intensity to the lowest level that is comfortable for you.  And turn your screen lock to the minimum time.
  3. Turn off vibrations – in sounds as well as notifications, key presses and applications.
  4. Stop background syncing in your apps.
  5. Review your use of Location Services. 

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