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Starting Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the process of scanning Scantron-administered tests and exams will transition from Western Technology Services (WTS) to the Office of the Registrar’s newly created Scantron Services, a part of Student Records & Exam Services. Services will be relocated to the Western Student Services Building (WSSB) Room 2140.

Individuals with questions or concerns should email

Are you an instructor or T.A. in the Faculty of Social Science on main campus ?
Information about scanning services for your department is available from  SSTS  (SSC 1228).

Scantron forms must be dropped off *and* picked up by either you or the driver.

  • The Scantron form includes 180 questions with 5-choices A-E (sample
  • The WTS-managed scanning machine reads PENCIL markings only

How do I get my scantron forms over to WTS for scanning? 
Check with your department; a driver may be dropping off and picking the forms.

What do I need to do if the driver is delivering them to WTS?
Include the following items in an envelope and leave it at your affiliated college's designated location:

  • Scantron forms
    • Scantrons must be counted and totals written on the form (samples)
    • if more than one exam set; group by version or section
    • paper clip or separate each set with a folded blank sheet
  • Are you submitting an answer key?
    • all the '9's of the 'Student Number' must be bubbled in
    • provide one Scantron answer key per exam set
  • request forms:
    • Brescia (check with your department for drop off location)
    • King's (check with your department for drop off location)
    • Huron (drop off exams at the WTS office)

Can I drop off the exams myself?
Yes, you can drop-off and pick up you own exam packages (details).

Can the driver pick up the exams I dropped off?
No, the driver is only responsible for the packages he/she delivers to WTS.

What is the usual processing time?
Scantrons are ready 24 hours after they were dropped off; the drivers usually pick up the next business day.

What do I do with the file I receive?
The Quick Reference Guide explain what to do next to process your Scantrons.

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