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Starting Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the process of scanning Scantron-administered tests and exams will transition from Western Technology Services (WTS) to the Office of the Registrar’s newly created Scantron Services, a part of Student Records & Exam Services. Services will be relocated to the Western Student Services Building (WSSB) Room 2140.

Individuals with questions or concerns should email

Are you an instructor or T.A. in the Faculty of Social Science on main campus ?
Information about scanning services for your department is available from  SSTS  (SSC 1228).

The following documents are based on components of the current marking software available on campus.

Use the Basic Service Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 2 pgs) or select a specific topic below:

Submitting Your Scantron Forms (PDF, 2 pgs)
Marking and Error Checking the DAT file (PDF, 5 pgs)
Adding a Master Key to the DAT file (PDF, 2 pgs)
Other Master Key Options (PDF, 4 pgs)
Adding a Scantron Form in ScanExam-II (PDF, 2 pgs)
Exam Results and Analysis (PDF, 1 pg)
Exam Printouts and PDFs (PDF, 1 pg)
Names and ID Validation in ScanExam-II
(PDF, 5 pgs)
Creating a DPC Raw Score File for the OWL Gradebook (PDF, 1 pg)

 If you want to learn more about the full capabilities of ScanExam-II, visit the SSTS website.

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