Holiday Scam Alert: Risk HIGH

November 29, 2019

This is a general alert to be on guard for scams this holiday season.  Online shoppers are being targeted in attempts to direct them to fraudulent websites where they would enter their payment card details.  Customers of package delivery companies such as Amazon and UPS need to be particularly vigilant as online shopping continues to increase in popularity.  Other specific targets include payment card processors such as VISA, American Express, PayPal, etc.

According to, “… researchers warn that this year, they are seeing an uptick in scams using more sophisticated methods to lure users to hand over their payment data.”.

Keep in mind the following tips for spotting fraudulent retail websites:

  1. Double-check the domain name. Is it spelled correctly?
  2. Look for a padlock in the URL bar, indicating that the website’s communications are encrypted.
  3. Is the offer too good to be true?

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