Migration Timeline

Jira and Confluence migration begins on July 8 at 5 pm and is scheduled to be completed by 8 am on July 11. 

Some additional post migration tasks will be executed by the Migration Team. They include:

Jira and Confluence links cleanup - July 11

This task will ensure all links in between Jira and Confluence are updated and pointing to the correct location. Please note that until this task has been completed, some links between Jira and Confluence might not work correctly.

Confluence calendar migration - July 14

Confluence calendars will be migrated once the main data migration has been completed. All calendars will have been moved on or before July 14. Calendars with a large number of subscribers will be prioritized.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the upcoming Atlassian Cloud Migration, requests to create new spaces or add or remove users may not be completed until after July 11th.


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