Best Practices

Keeping your Sessions Secure

  • Be selective with participant permissions. When creating a session you can choose what
    participant permissions you want to allow in Session Settings
  • You can turn on or off participants ability to chat, share video, share audio, and draw on shared files or the whiteboard. The permissions are turned off for every participant in the session. If you want to let a participant talk or chat, promote the participant to a presenter.
  • Share guest links mindfully Guest links are public links. Anybody with the link can join your session and take part. Don't share links in public places like on social media. Use the Invite attendee feature to create secure links that can't be shared. If your session is in your course, everyone in the course has secure access to the session that can't be shared.
  • Remove unwanted or disruptive attendees. Select an attendee in the Attendees panel and select Attendee controls Remove from session 

General Best Practices

  • Let attendees know what to expect. Tell attendees how to find the session. Let them know what the session is about. Share any expectations you have from them during the session.

  • Use headphones. Cut down on the background noise and use headphones.

  • Mute yourself when not speaking. Nothing is more distracting than hearing outside sounds like typing or a side conversation.

For more information, please see Blackboard's Session Best Practices

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