Content Checks and Keyboard Shortcuts

Accessibility Content Checks

Cascade can run an accessibility content check on any page on your site.  The check is compliant with objective items for levels 1 and 2 of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines that AODA follows.

To run an accessibility check on a page:

  • Find the page that you want to check.
  • Click Edit.
  • Click the ellipsis next to Save & Preview and then click Check Content & Submit.
  • Cascade will run an accessibility check on the page and report any errors or say Congratulations, no accessibility violations were found!"
  • Fix any errors you have on the page or click the check mark at the top of the page to close the alert box.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In Cascade - Once you log on to Cascade, type ? for a list of keyboard shortcuts in Cascade. Note: these shortcuts do not work if your mouse has selected any of the text boxes.

In the WYSIWYG Editor - For more information on keyboard shortcuts in the WYSIWYG editor, see TinyMCE Accessibility.

In the Advanced Code Editor - For a list of keyboard shortcuts in the advanced code editor, please see Ace Default Keyboard Shortcuts.

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