DVD/VCR Combination Player

DVD/VCR combination players are considered to be legacy devices and are being phased out of General University (G.U.) classrooms.  

Beginning March 1, 2017

  • G.U. classrooms that are new or undergo core a/v technology upgrades will no longer have a DVD/VCR combination player 
  • standard DVD and CD media can still be used in the DVD drive of the classroom computer (Rack PC)

Beginning September 1, 2017

  • any DVD/VCR combination player in need of repair will be removed from the classroom and it will not be replaced
  • existing DVD/VCR combination players will continue to be maintained by the Classroom Technology Group for as long as the equipment works as intended or until an a/v upgrade is initiated

VHS Tape Support

As support for VHS tapes is phased out, we recommend that you take steps to arrange access to a digitized version of the content to show in class.  There are several options to explore:

1. Western Libraries

2. Video Transfer Services

Transferring VHS tapes to DVD may be possible. Please consult the Copyright @ Western website to ensure that you are aware of any potential legal obligations.  Please note that Western does not sanction copyright infringement.

Local off-campus tape transfer services are available and listed below:

Peel Productions
4575 Blakie Road, 2nd floor
(519) 203-5000

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