Legacy Devices

Audio-Visual systems in General University (GU) classrooms combine a range of complex tecnhologies which are supported by WTS' Classroom Technology Group (CTG).

CTG makes every effort to integrate systems which are comprised of well-supported, professional equipment that is designed for commerical applications (in contrast to 'point-source' items that are typically suited for home or office use).

Development of newer technologies, performance specifications, methods of connectvity, changing market trends, etc. can sometimes hinder the continued provision and maintenance of existing CTG-managed equipment and/or services.

Any of the following conditions may result in a specific piece of technology being declared a "legacy device":

  • it is not readily procurable by WTS through normal processes from authorized, commercial vendors
  • regular support through normal processes from WTS and/or authorized, commercial vendors is not available to sustain the device's proper functionality
  • it is incompatible with newer technology and/or classroom infrastructure
  • its activity introduces a risk to information security and/or adversely impacts network performance

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