Transparency Projectors

How do I use the transparency projector? (Dukane HD4010)





Dukane HD4010 Accessible Transcript

The glass at the top of the box is referred to as stage glass.  At the top of the projector is the head and mirror, pearched on the focus arm.  Halfway up the focus arm is a circular dial called the focus adjustment.  At the bottom of the focus arm is the focus arm pivot and lock.

The switch that turns the projector lamp "On" and "Off" at the edge of the box.

Focus the image by turning the adjustment knob.

Mirror should be postioned at a 45 degree angle for optimal centering of image.

If the lamp burns out, follow these steps to select the projector's backup lamp:

  1. Turn off the projector.
  2. Locate the lamp change lever ont he back of the projector.
  3. Prepare to move the lamp-change lever to the opoosite position than is currently selected.
    Before use, some instructors habitually select lamp #2 with the assumption that lamp #1 has burned out (or will soon), which is false.
    Always test for a working lamp in both positions to confirm.
  4. Depress the lever whilst sliding it to the opposing position.
  5. Ensure the lever is fully locked into positon to engage the backup lamp.  If it is not fully seated into position #1 or #2, an internal switch will prevent the selected lamp from illuminating.
  6. Make sure to turn on the projector after setting the lamp-change lever.

Please wrap power cord around the ridges of the A/V cart when finished using equipment.  Make sure the already plugged in cord is fully plugged into the A/V cart outlet otherwise projector may not function.

How do I use the transparency projector? (3M 9080)

The On/Off switch is located on the top of the projector.  If the projector does not turn on, the bulb is probably burnt out.  To change bulbs, lift the top cover and turn the lamp selector knob.


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