Video-Data Projector

Using the Data Projector



Using the Data Projector Accessible Transcript

Press the on button to power up the projector.  It will take a few minutes for the projector to warm up during which the on button will flash.

While the projector is warming up turn on the sources you plan on using such as the Rack PC or DV/VCR.

After the projector has warmed up, select the input you wish to display.

Please turn off the projector when you are finished using the equipment.

Using the Audio System  


Using the Audio System Accessible Transcript

Turn the audio system on by pressing the green on button.

Adjust the volume from all sources by using the volume knob.

Turn off audio system when finished using the equipment by pressing the red off button.


Please note that equipment may vary from room to room.  For more detailed room information click here.

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