Document Camera

The document camera (DocCam) renders a digital representation of printed materials, and physical objects for real-time projection onto a large video display.

The DocCam uses a small camera head that is mounted on an adjustable arm with an LED light for added illumination if required. The camera features image magnification, and zoom adjustments.

Document Camera

General Setup for Image Magnification and Overhead Transparency Functions

  • Ensure the A/V System is turned "on", and that it is ready for use.
  • On the AV System's control interface, select the DocCam as the active image source
  • On the base of the DocCam, press the power button once to power on the device
  • On the base of the DocCam press the focus button to ensure the captured image is clear
  • Adjust the head of the DocCam so that its camera is pointed at the item you wish to display
  • Adjust the LED light brightness to ensure there is no glare and the staging area is well lit
  • When finished, press the DocCam's power button twice to power it "off"

Recording Images or Video from the Document Camera

The Document Camera was designed to capture an image of physical items relative to the presenter’s point of view. When using the document camera to stream video of the instructor and/or presentation content, the image may appear upside-down/inverted. To correct the orientation of the image, an adjustment must be made within the settings of the virtual conferencing tool, or after an output file has been created from the saved recording (see the following point).

There is no option to adjust viewing orientation in the Windows Camera App. Any image or video recorded from the document camera will initially appear upside-down/inverted. For content created in this way the saved image or video file must be rotated after the output file has been created.

In Zoom, the image preview allows for a 90-degree rotation. Within the Zoom client, the image from the document camera can be rotated to correct the upside-down/inverted image.

  • In a Zoom meeting, press the up arrow beside the "Start Video" button and ensure that the "Epson ELPDC21" is selected as the camera.
  • Then select "Video Settings" to open the camera preview.
  • If the image needs to be rotated, click the "Rotate 90" button in the top right corner of the camera preview.
  • If the camera preview is backwards or mirrored, uncheck the "Mirror my video" option
  • Once the camera preview has been adjusted as needed, close the settings window and click the "Start Video" button

In MS Teams, no camera rotation settings are available. The use of the Document Camera for MS Teams sessions is not recommended.

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