Extron 5ip – Push Button - single row

The Extron 5ip presentation switcher serves as the projector control interface in some G.U. Classrooms. The 5ip switcher can be identified by a single, horizontal row of square, white, push-button

Screenshot of Extron 5IP Control system

Note The volume knob on the 5IP cannot be used to adjust the master volume of the a/v system.
This volume knob only adjusts the level from the 3.5mm audio input on the 5ip switcher (located next to the VGA laptop connector)

Projector Control

  1. Press the “ON” button on the Switcher to turn on the projector.
  2. Wait until the “ON” button stops flashing before pressing any other buttons.
  3. Press the “INPUT SELECTION” button that corresponds with the video source that you want to use:
    • Rack-PC
    • Doc Cam (Document camera, where applicable)
    • DVD/VCR
    • Laptop VGA
    • Laptop HDMI (where applicable)
  4. When you are finished press the “OFF” button on the Switcher.

Note: Pressing an “INPUT SELECTION” button alone will not turn on that particular device. You will first need to independently power up each source device you want to use before it can be displayed

Screenshot of Extron Projector Controls

Analog Audio Control

On the separate a/v control panel:

  1. Press the green “ON” button to turn on the audio system.
  2. Turning the “Line” knob adjusts the master audio level for all program sources (Rack-PC, Laptop, DVD).
  3. Turning the “Mic” knob adjusts the master audio level for all microphone sources.
  4. When you are finished press the red “OFF” button to turn off the audio system.

Screenshot of Extron Audio Controls

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