Installing software on classroom computers

Information on this page outlines how requests to install custom applications are administered by CTG with respect to computers it supports in General University (G.U.) classrooms.

It is important that all information presented here is read, and understood before initiating a request to install an application. Please contact us at if you have any questions about this process.

Note: the term “application” shall identify any requested file; software; firmware; driver; physical device, and/or service that may be used on, or accessed through a computer.

The use of pre-installed software the Classroom Technology Group supports is encouraged. Please understand that CTG does not have the resources to accommodate every need; not all applications can be integrated into the classroom computer environment. With respect to this policy CTG shall not be responsible to subsidize an application; license; fee; etc. that may be required to fulfil a particular need.

Western Technology Services (WTS) maintains a useful repository of popular software  for instructional use. Please check to see if an application which offers suitable functionality is hosted at This site can be accessed through the ‘VMware Horizon Client’ in the start menu on all classroom computers.

CTG recommends you contact WTS to ensure you can access the MyVlab server.

Applications found at will not be installed on classroom computers.

If additional functionality is needed beyond what is provided one of the following two options may be available:

1) Bring your laptop to the classroom to run the application. 
This is the recommended solution to ensure your own material will run smoothly and reliably.  
Laptop connectivity is available on A/V systems in G.U. classrooms.
2) Request the application be installed by CTG on the classroom computer.
We carefully consider all requests; please understand that certain limitations apply to this process.

Custom Software Installation Policy & Process


  1. All persons submitting a request shall hereby agree to the terms & conditions of this policy.
  2. The following process must be used; each legitimate request shall:
  3. - Be submitted in writing via email and must be received by Classroom Technology Group at
  4. - Be received a minimum of (5) working days before the date of first intended use;
  5. - Originate with, and be submitted by UWO instructors, or academic support staff;
  6. - Include all of the following information:
    1. the instructor’s name, contact information and course number;
    2. the date, and time when you would like to first use the application (see item 4 - above);
    3. specify the G.U. classroom(s) where you are requesting the application be installed;
    4. specify if the application is required for (1), or (2) terms in the current academic year;
    5. the application name, version, description;
    6. confirmation of application ownership; proof of current, valid license for the intended deployment & use;
    7. clear, and complete instructions to install the application in the current supported environment


  1. All persons submitting a request shall hereby agree the following terms & conditions are true:
  2. -The application is intended for, and will only be used for legal, academic, instructional purposes;
  3. -The application’s license is active; that it shall remain valid throughout the specified period of use on the number of classroom computers for which the application has been requested;
  4. -The requestor shall deliver to the WTS Helpdesk a legal, registered version of the installation file on known, working, virus-free media, - or;
  5. -The requestor shall provide valid login information to a known, safe, working URL where the application’s install file can be quickly downloaded by CTG without difficulty;
  6. -CTG may first evaluate an application in the supported operating environment before providing further action, or advice;
  7. -The requestor understands that CTG, within its normal hours of operation may require up to (1) contiguous hour of available time on-site at each computer location to install (1) application;
  8. -CTG may require the end-user be in attendance on-site to conduct a field test as part of this process. This will help to validate application’s intended performance and functionality.
  9. -CTG shall not permit others to have system-level access/special privileges on computers it manages.
  10. -Ongoing maintenance and management of user-requested (non-standard) applications is not provided by CTG.


  1. CTG may be unable to fulfill certain requests and/or may remove an application if:
  2. -complete, satisfactory information is not provided to CTG in a timely manner by the requestor;
  3. -it is not compatible with the installed operating system that is supported on the computer;
  4. -the application conflicts with established system configuration, or security requirements;
  5. -it impacts normal support processes; performance; and/or management of the computer;
  6. -persistent system-level access, or special permissions are needed to run, and operate the application;
  7. -it will not properly install, or operate as intended without CTG undertaking extensive and/or proprietary modifications;
  8. -installation cannot be completed on the computer within (1) hour during CTG’s normal hours of operation;
  9. -it is resource heavy, or highly proprietary (I.E. AutoCAD®; SolidWorks®; Visual Studio®; LabVIEW®, etc.).
  10. -the application and/or its version is not officially supported by Western, and/or may conflict with existing agreements; policies; processes.
  11. -the application has not been legally obtained by, or legally provided – in full - to CTG by the requestor;
  12. -any terms & conditions described in this document have not been acknowledged, accepted, and affirmed by the requestor.


  1. The requestor and/or end user(s) accept that while CTG may install an application, CTG shall not be responsible for its ongoing maintenance, licensing, and management including the storage or backup of end-user content, and data. CTG does not retain official records identifying the location(s), or attributes of non-standard installations.
  2. CTG may at any time, and without prior notification remove a computer that exhibits questionable performance. In such circumstances the machine shall be replaced by a different computer to ensure continuity of CTG-supported services is maintained. This means the replacement computer will not include non-standard applications and any other related content, data, or customized attributes which may have been associated with the previous machine.
  3. It is the end-user’s responsibility to manage their data separately from the computer.

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