eLearning Toolkit

The eLearning Toolkit a website dedicated as a starting point for incorporating technology into eLearning at Western. It was developed in order to assists instructors to find and compare different tools being used at Western. Currently, instructors can find the information by a specific concept, by the term name, or by the outcome they hope to achieve. The ELT team based the toolkit on the "7 Things You Should Know About" (available here) article by Educause, and assists instructors by answering the following questions:

  • "What is the tool?"
  • "What is the purpose of the tool?"
  • "How do you use the tool?"

A recent effort and collaboration with the TSC is currently underway to add rankings to the Toolkit, which will allow instructors to more easily see the advantages or disadvantages of a specific tool. To access the eLearning Toolkit, visit elearningtoolkit.uwo.ca.

Picture of the elearning toolkit homepage

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