Share and Collaborate

  • Log into Microsoft 365 and select the OneDrive app
  • Find file or folder you wish to Share
  • Select the file with checkmark
  • Click Share icon next to the filename or Share in the top menu.
Options for Send Link are:
  • Anyone with the Link (default)
  • People in Universi...stern Ontario with the link
  • People with existing access
  • Specific People
  • Allow Editing is checked off by default (if unchecked, you can then block download)
  • Click Apply, enter names and/or email addresses
  • Click Send

User will receive an email with the link to access the file/folder, without having to authenticate if they are already logged into Microsoft 365.

For external non-Western accounts:If you choose specific people and they do not have a Western account, when they first click the link, they will need to verify their email address by first receiving by email, an Account Verification Code. For security purposes, the code will work for 15 minutes. The user must enter the code when prompted, for the link to open the file/folder.
In both cases, once the user clicks the link, the person sharing will be notified by email that user opened the link.

For more information on Sharing and Collaborating see more from Microsoft by visiting:

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