Updating Outdated Passwords for Cyber Security

By: Keiran Paquette

January 25, 2017

ITS Information Security

Cyber Security threats are escalating in both frequency and sophistication. Universities are being specifically targeted by various malicious actors who are often intent on gathering user Account and Password information through Phishing and other malware attacks. Identity theft is a serious problem to individuals and to the institution. To limit the effectiveness of these attacks, we are institutionalizing the practice of ensuring users change their passwords on a regular basis. Today, one in every five accounts at Western has a password that has not been changed in 3 or more years. 

You can find information about Western's Password management processes and procedures on the ITS website at: https://cybersmart.uwo.ca/securecomputing/protectdata/passwords/passwords.html. Please review these processes and adopt a practice of changing your password at least once a year. In this way, you will be doing your part to not only protect your own account and information, but also the Universities systems a whole. 

ITS Information Security has put up a page about this process at: http://security.uwo.ca/western_network/changing_old_passwords.html.

For additional detail and confirmation that an email is legitimate, phone the on-campus extension x88550. Thank you for your attention and support in this important matter.

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