Central Campus Building Network Outages for Maintenance

By: Doug Vandevrie

June 28, 2018

WTS Network Operations will be physically relocating a core building aggregation router along with associated fibre cables within the StvH facility. This work will occur between 3:00 – 10:00 am on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

This work effort will represent a complete network outage to the following buildings for a large portion of the posted maintenance window. Services impacted will be any network dependent systems (VoIP, Internet, Wireless, etc.) that have no alternative communication method.

Elevators in all the listed buildings (Delware Hall(DHR) excluded) will also be out of service. 

Blue Emergency Phones around campus will also be affected during the maintenance window. 

Buildings Affected:

  • AHAB
  • AHR
  • AWC (1163 Richmond)
  • DHR (Administration Network)
  • ELHR (Administration Network)
  • IGAB
  • ISLC - formerly SpH (Including Hotel Wireless Services)
  • KUC
  • LwH
  • MG
  • MHR (Administration Network)
  • MB
  • SSC
  • SH
  • StvH
  • SyHR (Administration Network)
  • TC
  • TH
  • UC
  • UCC
  • WL
  • WSSB
If you have any further questions specific to this maintenance work, please direct your questions to Network Operations at noc@uwo.ca

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