Introducing Jira Service Desk

By: WTS Helpdesk

July 16th, 2018

The WTS Helpdesk is pleased to announce a new Jira portal that has been designed to enhance your customer experience when creating a Helpdesk ticket. The Service Desk portal provides a streamlined ticket creation process that includes several self-serve features which may allow you to resolve your problem prior to creating a ticket.

You can query the knowledge base directly from the Service Desk portal, which includes “How Do I..” instructions, answers to “Frequently Asked Questions,” and guides for WTS supported software. The self-serve portal utilizes machine learning to intelligently recommend the right service and learns from every interaction, so that answers are easy to find.

All request forms on the WTS Helpdesk website have been integrated with Jira Service Desk. These updated request forms have been simplified and will include options for required information. The simplified view allows easier management of your personal Service Requests and those opened by members of your organization. Please note that new requests must be submitted to the Helpdesk via Jira Service Desk.

We hope that you will find ease of use of the new Jira portal to be beneficial. Please contact the WTS Helpdesk at 519 661-3800 or via a Jira ticket with any questions or comments regarding the new processes.

The Jira Service Desk Portal can be accessed from the following URL:

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