Yearly Wireless Certificate Renewal

By: Keiran Paquette

June 21, 2018

The wireless network at Western utilizes a server-side certificate to secure communications between your device and the wireless infrastructure. On June 21st, Western Technology Services renewed the wireless certificate providing secure connections until 2019.

Some devices may require you to acknowledge the certificate change to reenable wireless connectivity. If a dialog prompts you to verify that the server certificate information is authentic, select “Trust” or “Connect” to complete the wireless connection. This ensures that you are not connecting to “rogue network” pretending to be the Western wireless network. If this dialog box does not appear, you will need “forget” the wireless network profile and setup the connection following the How Do I… guides.

Please review out How Do I… guides for step-bp-step wireless connection instructions for various devices at

Helpdesk Technology Support Specialists are available to assist you in updating your device.  Please see for our hours of operation.


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