January 15, 2021


Update on Security Enhancements for Office 365

There is an upcoming change to Western’s use of the Microsoft Office 365 service that may affect how you log into email when using an email application (such as Outlook or mobile apps). 

Browser-based access to https://myoffice.uwo.ca will not be affected.  

Microsoft will be forcing the use of a connection method called Modern Authentication in 2021 which provides a stronger and more secure connection for you.  If you are not already using this connection method to access Office 365, you may need to update your email application or input your username and password again once the change has taken place. 

As noted above, access to Office 365 over browsers will not be affected, so access to your email will not be lost at any point.

How to know if this affects you:

To determine if you are using an email application that is compatible with Modern Authentication, please refer to Email Compatibility information here: (https://wts.uwo.ca/office_365/email/email_client_compatibility.html)

Action needed if you are affected:

In advance of this change, you can upgrade to the most secure supported email application. If you need assistance with this, please contact your local IT support person, or the WTS Helpdesk (https://wts.uwo.ca/helpdesk/)

When this change will be made:

This change will be made for Western Office 365 accounts on Tuesday February 2, 2021.  

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Office 365:

You may recall communications early in 2020 from WTS regarding the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Office 365 (inclusive of email). MFA is a second piece of “proof” of your digital identity that can help in ensuring only you are able to access your Western account. The use of MFA for Office 365 will be a key factor in minimizing the threats of spam and PHISHing at Western University.  More information about MFA can be found here: (https://mfa.uwo.ca).  The Modern Authentication change is a step needed to enable MFA for Office 365 which will happen later in 2021, if you are not already using it. You will receive communications about the mandatory use of MFA for Office 365 in the coming months. If you are not yet using MFA for Office 365 and are interested in this additional protection for your account now, please opt in here: (https://mfa.uwo.ca/opt_in/index.html)

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