How Do I… Configure Email in Outlook 2016


This Guide will walk you through setting up Outlook 2016 to read your Western email using Exchange ActiveSync.  Using Exchange will allow Outlook to integrate with and display your email, calendar, and contacts.


If this is the first time running Outlook it will start a setup configuration wizard.

Outlook 2016 (Mac)

  1. Click Tools
  2. Click Accounts
  3. Click the + button in the lower left corner
  4. Click Exchange
  5. Enter your Western Email address in the Email and Username field, click Next
  6. Enter your password, click Next
  7. Click Add Account

Outlook 2016 (Windows)

Step 1

Click File --> Add Account

Fig. 1

Step 2

Enter your name, email address, and password where asked, click Next.

Fig. 2

Step 3

Outlook will begin configuring your account.  This may take several minutes.  Click Finish after setup has completed.

Fig. 3

Step 4

You have now configured Outlook 2016 for Western Email.  Your screen should look similar to Fig 4

Fig. 4

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