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  • December 06, 2021

    Subject: A new Kiwi is coming!

    This is an official email from Western Technology Services and can be verified at:

    The Kiwi team is pleased to announce that  a new version of Kiwi is ready for testing and we need your help!


    How can you help?

    We're opening the QAT environment for testing and inviting Space Admins to participate.

    Please visit  from the Western network and help us put this new version of Confluence through its paces.

    Note: Connect with  WROAMS using Pulse Secure  to access the testing server.


    About the QAT environment

    The QAT environment at is a testing server where we deploy new Confluence upgrades before going live in Kiwi.

    We expect the environment to remain open for testing until  Friday at 13:00 EST.

    Currently, the content on this instance of Kiwi is a copy of Kiwi production from  November 26, 2021. Feel free to make changes here – changes made in the QAT environment will not be saved in production!


    What's new?

    We're rolling out a brand-new version of Confluence with many new features and improvements! 

    Here are the highlights:

    • Collaborative editing improvements including:
      • copying and pasting lists
      • navigation within tables
      • inserting links
      • using keyboard shortcuts
      • changing table cell background colors 

    Please explore these new features and improvements at , then share your feedback!



    We want to hear your feedback! Did you encounter any problems while testing? Were there unexpected changes that will affect how you work? Please share your feedback using the  Jira Service Desk Form  before we go live at


Don't Get Phished!

Verify the authenticity of any email by checking the Official Account Related Emails Sent from WTS. If you do not see the email listed there, do not respond to it before verifying with WTS that it is a legitimate email.

You can make sure that you are visiting the real page posted by Western WTS (and not a well-crafted forgery) by hovering over the link and verifying that the site starts with .

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