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  • November 19, 2019

    Subject: Notice: November 21 – MFA on Office 365

    On Thursday, November 21 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be enabled on Office 365 for you. This will affect how you log into your email account and other Office 365 applications effective November 21, 2019 .

    Confirm that you have:

    1. Set up your Duo Security profile using MyMFA. 
    2. Reviewed the Email Compatibility information and confirm that the email client you will be using is compatible with MFA.

    Refer to for more information on both of these activities. (website requires logging in)
    On November 21 you will not be able to access your email until you have set up your Duo Security profile, have your authentication device with you, and are using a compatible email client.

    What to expect on November 21:

    Initial MFA prompt:
    On November 21, you will be prompted for your User ID, password and/or second factor at some point when accessing Office 365 applications. Due to the many variables, your experiences will differ depending on how you access your email and other Office 365 applications.

    Please note that there are multiple ways to access email (such as via Outlook, through any number of browsers, and other email clients). Each will prompt for MFA differently. For more information, refer to the Email Setup Guides that you can access on the web site -- select MFA Pilot Need to Know and scroll down to Important Links.
    Note: The location of the Email Setup Guides, including MFA information, is temporary for duration of the pilot.

    After initial MFA prompt:
    After this initial request for User ID, password and your second (MFA) factor, when you will be prompted for MFA depends on your device and email client. If your email client is configured to not prompt you for User ID and password every time, you will not be prompted for MFA.

    For web mail, you will enter your User ID and password as you usually do and then --if you had previously logged out of Office 365 -- you will be prompted for MFA when opening Outlook, Contacts, Calendar, OneDrive or Teams.

    Who to Contact for help:

    For assistance with setting up and managing your Duo Security profile, or with using MFA to log into Office 365 applications, contact the WTS Help Desk:

    If you have any questions:

    The MFA for Office 365 Team
    Western Technology Services

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