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  • April 17, 2019

    Subject: Identity Manager Data Cleanup

    Western’s Identity Manager (IDM) will be getting updated.

    You will be familiar with IDM as the online location ( you visit to update your Western password and setup your security questions.

    Over the next 3 to 4 months, leading up to the move to the updated IDM platform, Western Technology Services (WTS) will be running some identity data clean-up operations. These are required to facilitate a seamless transition over to the updated platform. While WTS does not expect the clean-up to cause any issues, it is possible that some unintended changes to various identity attributes may occur. If you notice an unintended change in your First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Email Address, and/or System Access, please contact the WTS Helpdesk through our various means of communication­ - so that we can resolve this for you in a timely manner.

    Please watch your email for continued communications from WTS regarding the change, what to expect, and what impact it will have on your Western account as well as links to forthcoming online documentation.

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