The Certificate Database Tool is a command-line utility that can create and modify the Netscape Communicator cert8.db and key3.db database files.
It can also list, generate, modify, or delete certificates within the cert8.db
file and create or change the password, generate new public and private key pairs, display the contents of the key database, or delete key pairs within the key3.db file.

/opt/oracle/webserver7/bin/certutil  -d . -L -n dropz.its.uwo.ca -r>/tmp/foo

/usr/sfw/bin/certutil -d . -P slapd- -L
/usr/sfw/bin/certutil -d .  -L

/opt/oracle/webserver7/bin/certutil  -d . -D -n Admin-Server-Cert

certutil - Utility to manipulate NSS certificate databases

Usage:  certutil <command> -d <database-directory> <options>

Valid commands:
-A              Add a certificate to the database        (create if needed)
-B              Run a series of certutil commands from a batch file
-E              Add an Email certificate to the database (create if needed)
-C              Create a new binary certificate from a BINARY cert request
-G              Generate a new key pair
-D              Delete a certificate from the database
-F              Delete a key from the database
-U              List all modules
-K              List all private keys
-L              List all certs, or print out a single named cert (or a subset)
-M              Modify trust attributes of certificate
-N              Create a new certificate database
-T              Reset the Key database or token
-O              Print the chain of a certificate
-R              Generate a certificate request (stdout)
-V              Validate a certificate
-W              Change the key database password
--upgrade-merge Upgrade an old database and merge it into a new one
--merge         Merge source database into the target database
-S              Make a certificate and add to database

certutil -H <command> : Print available options for the given command
certutil -H : Print complete help output of all commands and options
certutil --syntax : Print a short summary of all commands and options

certutil -N [-d certdir] [-P dbprefix] [-f pwfile] [--empty-password]

certutil -N -d . -P slapd

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