Register Transcript

To add a new machine to RAMP, you first have to determine whether the machine will be added to public or private IP space. Typically, private IP space is reserved for those machines that you do not want to be visible from the external Internet. An example of a machine that you would put into private IP space would be a network attached printer. Most other machines that you would want to add to a department are likely to be in the public IP space. We are going to add a machine to the public IP space. To add a machine, select the IT space and then select 'static'. Once you've opened the static selection, you can find the next available IP number to assign it under the free selection. Once you have selected an available IP address, click the "New" button. A partially completed registration form will appear on the right hand side. You need to complete this form in order to register a machine. Certain fields on this form will automatically be populated based on your selections. For example, an automatic registration stamp will appear, the host few will self-populated, and the person doing registration for the machine will be auto-populated in the "Registered by" section of the form. The IP number that you previously selected will also be auto-populated. You now need to provide several pieces of additional information to finish registering a machine properly. The MAC address of the machine is required. This address must be typed in as a twelve digit hexadecimal MAC address from the machine that is being registered. There are no spaces, dashes, or periods required. You just type in the 12 digits of the MAC address. Next, you need to select the operating system from the dropdown menu. There are several operating systems available on this list. Please select the OS that is closest to the machine that you are registering. You then need to indicate who the machine is registered to. This value is the Western Computer Account ID from the name of the person the computer account is registered against. You then need to select the device category. Typically, the main category is Personal Computer, however, there are several other categories you can select from such as the Network Printer, Server, or Device. There is also a section for comments which can contain freeform information about the machine such as what kind of processor or building and room number where the machine is located. The host name also has to be unique. A standardized naming convention for your department will ensure that this is unique for every machine. The last piece of information that is required is the domain name. To ensure that the machine is properly registered, there is a specific set of steps that you need to take to obtain the correct domain name. To get the correct domain name, you need to open the DNS name and navigate to the end of the folders and then click in the domain name box to populate the correct name. This process ensures that a correct domain name is properly populated to the RAMP system. Once you have added a machine, you can confirm that a machine is added correctly to the RAMP system by clicking on the refresh button and then navigate back down the tree to find the machine that you've just registered.