Search Transcript

You can also search for specific information within RAMP. By clicking on the search button, you will be directed to the RAMP search page. On this page, you can enter the search argument to find the host, the device, log history, or information from core devices. The instruction panel indicates that you can select either a search by a MAC number or an IP number. The first search example we'll do is by Media Access Control or MAC number associated with a network card. The search argument for MAC addresses can be typed in several ways. If you type in the MAC address in an invalid format, the bottom of the RAMP screen will show you the various different formats that a MAC number can be entered. Upon a successful search result, the basic information about a registered machine will be displayed on the screen. We will investigate this screen further when we add a new machine to the RAMP system. In addition to being able to search by the MAC number, we can also search by the host IP number. The same results page is displayed.