Welcome Transcript

We'll now log in to the RAMP system. The first screen you see is the "Welcome to RAMP" screen. On this screen, you'll see the version of RAMP that you are working with and the date the version was released, any FYI information or other notices related to the RAMP system. Please check these areas to make sure you are working with the most current release and that you are up to date with any information released from the RAMP group. Like most Windows programs, there are dropdown menus for each function available. We will investigate each of these functions further in other videos. RAMP allows you to expand views based on the specific type of information you are trying to find. For example, we can see a list of the DNS names that are registered, the IP addresses that are available, and the MAC addresses that are currently registered. The view that you have available to you is specific to the role that you play in the maintenance of the RAMP information.