University Colleges

Scantron forms must be dropped off *and* picked up by either by you or the driver.

  • The Scantron form includes 180 questions with 5-choices A-E (sample
  • The WTS-managed scanning machine reads PENCIL markings only

How do I get my scantron forms over to WTS for scanning? 
Check with your department; a driver may be dropping off and picking the forms.

What do I need to do if the driver is delivering them to WTS?
Include the following items in an envelope and leave it at your affiliated college's designated location:

  • the Scantron forms
    • if more than one exam set; group by version or section
    • paper clip or separate each set with a folded blank sheet
    • scantrons must be counted and totals written on the form (samples)
  • an answer key (if it is being submitted with student forms) 
    • all the '9's under 'Student Number' must be bubbled in
    • one key is required per exam set
  • one completed request form (sample):

Can I drop off the exams myself?
Yes, you can drop-off and pick up you own exam packages (details).

Can the driver pick up the exams I dropped off?
No, the driver is only responsible for the packages he/she delivers to WTS.

What is the usual processing time?
Scantrons are ready 24 hours after they were dropped off; the drivers usually pick up the next business day.

What do I do with the file I receive?
The Quick Reference Guide explain what to do next to process your Scantrons.

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