WTS Basic Scantron Service

Are you an instructor or T.A. in the Faculty of Social Science on main campus?
Information about scanning services for your department is available from SSTS (SSC 1228).

  • Western's multiple choice Scantron form includes 180 questions with 5-choices A-E (sample)
  • NEW! Scantron forms are purchased through Staples (see Mustang Market for details)
  • Exam booklets are purchased through Facilities Management Stores (x88706)
  • The WTS-managed scanning machine reads PENCIL markings only
  • If including an answer key, fill-in all the '9's under the 'Student Number' section of that form
  • Forms to be scanned must be dropped off and picked up at the WTS Administration Office (SSB 4300)

NOTE: Scantron forms must be counted and also bundled if more than one exam set is submitted. 

Are you at an affiliated college? 
To learn more about your scantron services, refer to the Affiliates section.

Drop off/Pick up Location: WTS Administration Office, Suite 4300, Support Services Building 
1393 Western Road
8:30am to 4:30pm (closed weekends and holidays)

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