UWO Account {userid} Expires: yyyy/mm/dd

To be eligible for an @uwo email address, you must have an active affiliation with Western. For employee identities, this is reflected by an active record on My Human Resources. According to the latest information we receive from Human Resources on a daily basis your affiliation with Western is no longer active. As a result ITS services such as email and calendar will be CANCELLED on the date recorded in the subject line of this message.

If you believe this information is incorrect, please contact your department human resources administrator or Western Human Resources at 519-661-2194 or x82194.

Note: If this is a dual role account, e.g. you use the same User ID as an applicant, graduate, undergraduate or former student then access to appropriate student related services, including email will remain active.

Don't Get Phished!
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You can make sure that you are visiting the real page posted by Western ITS (and not a well-crafted forgery) by hovering over the link and verifying that the site starts with http://www.uwo.ca/its/.

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