Non-Person Account Expiry Notice (Notice for Owner)

According to Western Identity Manager you are the owner of the following accounts. These accounts are due to expire. If no action is taken before expiry, the accounts will no longer be usable and services associated with this account will be removed accordingly. Non-activated accounts will be deleted after their expiry date.

UserID & expiration date

If you wish to renew any of these accounts this may be done using Western Identity Manager here: Only active or expired accounts may be renewed, non-activated accounts must be activated first.

ITS recommends a password change for Non-Person accounts a minimum of once a year as well as whenever a member of your area leaves who had access to the account.

For more information on managing Non-Person accounts, click here:

Remember never to share your password -- Western ITS does not request such information by email.  For confirmation of authenticity please review the ITS Official Email Activity website at: 


Information Technology Services

Computer Accounts Office

519-661-3800 and select the option for CAO

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