January calendar

Photo Credit: Olya Kobruseva

Using OWL’s Date Manager

Added on December 17, 2021 by Jodie Roach

If you need to edit dates across multiple tools in your OWL site, the Date Manager can help. 

The Date Manager is located within Site Info. It allows you to see the dates being reported by all other tools in OWL, including due dates from Assignments and Tests & Quizzes, and “hide until” dates from hidden Lessons pages. 

View of the date manager, showing a list of OWL tools reporting dates

Here, you can expand the dates reported by individual tools to change them on the fly, without having to re-enter their original tool 

The date manager tool view of an Assignment, with Open Date, Due Date, and Accept Until Date open

You also have the option to shift all dates by a set number of days. This feature can be particularly useful if you have imported content from a previous year’s OWL site or if you have experienced an unexpected change in the schedule of your course. 

Using the “Shift dates” feature, you can adjust dates within a specified set of tools or all dates within the site. 

The Shift dates option, showing the options to apply the shift to all dates or to visible dates

For more information on using the Date Manager, please see the OWL Help entry Manage Dates.