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Upcoming Turnitin Service Changes in OWL

Added on April 6, 2021
Updated on April 20, 2021

Starting May 2021, OWL will be using Turnitin Similarity for plagiarism detection in the Assignments tool. Feedback Studio will no longer be integrated with OWL.

Turnitin Similarity will continue to generate originality reports for students submissions made in the Assignments tool at the discretion of the instructor. Both the originality scores and reports will continue to be accessible directly in OWL's Assignments tool. In addition, modifications made to the originality report that changes the originality score will also be updated in OWL - a feature not available the previous integration with Feedback Studio.

Students will continue to submit their assignments in OWL's Assignments tool.

Previous originality reports that were generated prior to May 2021 using Feedback Studio, will no longer be accessible through OWL. Older originality reports may still be accessed directly through Turnitin.com.

Feedback Studio features such as annotations, comments, and rubrics are not available in Turnitin Similarity and will no longer be available through OWL's Assignments tool. While Feedback Studio will no longer be integrated with OWL, Western users can continue to use the platform separately from OWL at Turnitin.com. 

Please contact the WTS Helpdesk if you need assistance logging into Turnitin.com to access Feedback Studio and/or older originality reports.


Will this update affect my current course in the Fall/Winter 2020 term?
No. OWL will be updating to Turnitin Similarity on May 2021 which will not impact any current courses up until the update.

Can I continue to use Feedback Studio services outside of OWL?
Yes. The Feedback Studio services will be made available for Western faculty and students directly at Turnitin.com. For more information please see: Instructor Quick Start Guide & Student Quick Start Guide.

I can’t log in to Turnitin.com using my Western credentials, what should I do?
Use the reset password function on the Turnitin login page. If you still cannot access Turnitin.com after resetting your password, please contact the WTS Helpdesk.

Note: The switch to Similarity from Feedback Studio was originally scheduled for August 2020 but had been postponed due to the 2020 pandemic.