Photo Credit: Lauren Mancke

Video Captioning

Added on September 2, 2020 by Deanna Grogan
Updated on January 5, 2022

With a rapid shift to online, instructional videos are continuing to gain popularity with both students and instructors. Including captions when posting videos will ensure the content is accessible to all students. Captioning is a service that makes video content more accessible and supports students with disabilities (hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, concussion, mental health, ADHD to name a few). At Western, the number of students already registered as having those types of disabilities exceeds 2000. 

Captioning not only provides an essential service to those who have visual auditory disabilities, it is also valuable to those facing temporary impairments such as watching content in locations where it’s not advisable to have sound such as a library, or on a bus (see 

For more information about how to create and post captioned videos please see the following document: Captioning Options at Western.