Non-Person Account Expired Notice (Notice to Secondary)

According to Western Identity Manager you are the secondary contact for the following Non-Person accounts. These accounts have expired. The owners of these accounts have also been notified, and are responsible for renewing these accounts if they are deemed still necessary. 

Please review the list to verify the stated owners are still valid users in your area and send any corrections to the ITS Computer Accounts Office at the contact info below. If you recognize the owners of any accounts are valid but will not be able to manage their accounts before the expiry date you may act on their behalf using Western Identity Manager.

User ID    Owner 

For further information related to the accounts please log in to Western Identity Manager here: 

For more information on managing Non-Person accounts, click here: 

Remember never to share your password -- Western ITS does not request such information by email. For confirmation of authenticity please review the ITS Official Email Activity website at: 

Information Technology Services 
Computer Accounts Office 
519-661-3800 and select the option for CAO 

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