WebLogin FAQ

What Federation, Group or Region does Western belong to?

If asked to choose a Federation, Group or Region you will need to select CAF – Canadian Access Federation.

Why can’t I access the service?

There are two major reasons that will prevent you from accessing a WebLogin service:

  1. You don't have valid credentials, refer to About Passwords for further assistance.  Alternatively, you can contact our HelpDesk.
  2. You are trying to launch the the service from the wrong URL.  Direct access to the WebLogin page is not supported.  Please ensure that you did not bookmark this page or reach it by using the back button or selecting it from your browser history.  Refer to the list of services for the appropriate launching page and follow the instructions provided.

If you have confirmed these two things and you still can't connect to the service properly then you will need to contact either the Sponsoring Department or the Service Provider directly for additional troubleshooting.

Why can’t I bookmark this page?

The WebLogin page is common for all services but needs to know what service you are trying to get connect to.  This is accomplished through cookies that are passed on from the launching page for that particular service.  To login to a service, please select the appropriate launching page for that particular service first and follow any specific logon instructions provided. 

What Services can I access using Western's WebLogin?

The list of services provided by Western is constantly growing. Refer to the the following site for a list of services.

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