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OWL Changes for CSS Users

Added on May 7, 2021 by Jodie Roach
Updated on May 10, 2021

Over the weekend of May 1st, OWL was upgraded to a newer version. With this update came a wide array of new features and improvements. However, this update also brought some changes within the Lessons tool that impact users who implement custom CSS files in their sites.  

Affected users are encouraged to refer to the list below for recommended changes to their CSS files. 

Affected Area 


Required Changes 


Columns do not have adequate spacing between them 

Update the margins within .lastcol 


When multiple columns are in use, columns are of varying sizes when the page is resized 

Update the height for .cols2,.cols3 ,etc.


Column borders are not transparent, even when set to “Transparent (no borders)” 

This issue will be addressed in a future OWL update. However, you can modify this via CSS by adding !important to the .coltrans class as follows:

border:none !important;

Subpage buttons 

Subpage buttons are not being affected by CSS styling 

Update the class name for buttons as follows: 


If you are using the Basic or Advanced OWL Templates provided by WTS, a new version has been created for your use. For instructions on how to update your template CSS, please see OWL Template Updates