Cascade Current Version Information

Western Technology Services strives to keep Cascade updated to the most recent stable version available. 

The current installed version is v 8.24.2 The most current version available to us is v 8.24.2 (released on January 30th, 2024). 

Upgrade Alert

Sunday February 11th - Cascade upgraded to v 8.24.2

Below are highlights of new features/improvements in this version:


  • A close button was added to the page regions pane for improved UX.
  • Updated content checks interface for improved UX
  • Users will now be presented with a warning when attempting to remove or change a File asset's extension, which can result in issues viewing the File within the CMS as well as the live website. This applies to File creation and rename as well as upload through the File chooser.
  • Improved accessibility of asset More menu links.
  • Various performance enhancements/fixes.


Published on  and maintained in Cascade.