Recent Phishing Emails on Campus

DO NOT respond to these or any email that looks similar

  • July 06, 2018

    From: Amanda Boyd
    Subject: University of Western Ontario

    Dear Staff/Student

    Your Office 365 Email Account, was just signed in to from a new Windows device. You're getting this email to make sure it was you who made the attempt, if you are not the one kindly click Upgrade now to avoid suspicious activities by unknown persons in your account.

    IT Help-Desk
    University of Western Ontario

  • July 06, 2018

    From: Terbuc Helena (Student)" <
    Subject: Your mailbox

    You have exceeded your email limit quota. upgrade your mailbox within the next 48 hours to enable you send and receive email CLICK HERE [redacted phishing URL] to upgrade your mailbox.
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  • July 04, 2018

    From: "Bendschneider, Madison D." <
    Subject: University of Western Ontario

    Kindly verify your office 365 to avoid been suspended by System Administrator. Click HERE to verify

  • July 03, 2018

    From: <>
    Subject: Your mailbox

    Kindly validate your E-mail by CLINKING HERE and fill the space to avoid mail intersection.
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