Opt-in to MFA for Office 365

PLEASE NOTE: Opt in to MFA for Office 365 is available to current students, faculty, and staff.

If you have not already done so, you will need to setup MFA for your Western account prior to using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Office 365 (inclusive of email).

Please use the following steps to assist you in:

  • Selecting the correct device(s) to setup for authentication.
  • How to enroll those devices.
  • Making sure what you are using is compatible. 
  • Opt-In to MFA for Office 365.

Use the following steps to setup MFA for your account.

If you have already enrolled your devices on the Western University Duo page you can skip to Step 3 to opt-in for MFA on Office 365.

Step 1: What authentication device(s) do you want to use to verify your identity?

If you have already enrolled your devices on the Western University Duo page you can skip to Step 4 to opt-in for MFA on Office 365. 

This will be the device that the authentication gets sent to. You will need this device readily available to complete the next step. Western University considers it best practice to choose multiple authentication devices. 

Once you have determined what device(s) you will use for authentication, please move on to Step 2 to enroll those devices with Duo. 

Supported Devices - click each device for more information from the Duo site. 

Android Device iOS Device Cell or Landline Devices Hardware Toke Device Security Key

Factors to consider when selecting your device.

NOTE: The Duo Mobile App can downloaded from the Apple App Store for iOS 11 and newer and the Google Play Store for Android 7 and newer. Phones that are iOS 10 and older and/or Android 6 and older will not be compatible with the Duo Mobile App. 
Secondary Device Table - click for accessible version
* a cost may apply to hardware tokens, please speak to the WTS Helpdesk for details. 

More information for Hardware Tokens and Security Keys

Step 2: Enroll your authentication device(s) on the Western University Duo site

Prior to logging into a service that requires MFA, you are required to enroll. Below is a guide to explain each step of the enrollment process. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome when enrolling.

  1. Go to MyMFA.uwo.ca and log in using your User ID and Password.

  2. Click Start Setup.

  3. Select the type of device you're enrolling. You can register an additional device once the initial enrollment has been completed. We recommend using a smartphone for the best experience, but you can enroll a landline or a basic cell phone. You are required to have access to your smartphone or tablet during enrollment. Other devices can be enrolled without immediate access.MFA_Enrolling2.png 
Continue to the next steps by selecting one of the following:
  • Mobile phone: you can use a smart phone or a basic cell phone which can receive a text message.
  • Tablet: you can select an Apple tablet (iPad or iPod touch) running iOS 11.0 (or later) OR an Android tablet running 7.0 (or later).
  • Landline: this can be your office phone extension, your home phone number, or even a basic cell phone that can receive a phone call. Duo will call this phone number when you're logging into a service with MFA. Once you've answered the call, you'll be prompted to press any number to confirm the log in attempt.
  • Security Key (Yubikey): you can use a security key that plugs into your computer using a USB port.


        4. Once your devices have been enrolled, test your setup using the Test MFA button provided within the myMFA.uwo.ca application. 

Step 3: Is your email client compatible with MFA?

Please review the information at https://wts.uwo.ca/office_365/email/email_client_compatibility.html to determine if your email client is compatible.

If your email client is compatible, you can move on to Step 4.  If your email client is not compatible, you will need to update it to a compatible version before continuing.

Step 4: Opt-in to MFA for Office 365

Now that you have confirmed that your email client is compatible and you have enrolled your devices with Duo you can go ahead and opt-in to MFA for Office 365:

To opt-in please go to opt-in.uwo.ca.

Any participant who opts in will receive a confirmation email to let them know when MFA will be enabled on their account.

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