Microsoft Teams Live Events

Microsoft Teams live events is a webinar tool for broadcast-type sessions where there are larger number of participants and which require less interaction (especially for audio & video) between the host and the participants, who are mostly viewing the session.

Large live streaming events typically have several people working behind the scenes—the event group—to make them successful. As such, Microsoft Teams Live events requires at minimum the Producer and Presenter role and they must be two separate Western ids. See Event Group Roles for further details.

To access Live Event:

  1. Log into your Western Office 365 account at using your favourite web browser.
  2. If Teams does not appear in your list of favourite apps, click on the All apps icon and then find and click Teams from the list of apps displayed.
  3. Choose Calendar on the left menu, select "New Meeting" drop down on the top right and select "Live Event"



Before you start using Teams Live Event, here are some great resources to get you started:

Need help with Microsoft Live Events

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