Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud hosted system and while its use is optional, all usage must comply with Western's Computing, Technology & Information Resources Policy and Data Classification Standards. 

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is available to all faculty, staff, and students through Western's Office 365 Microsoft Campus Agreement. OneDrive is 1 TB of online storage in the Microsoft cloud where you can save, store, sync, and share files with the tools you use every day to create, communicate, and collaborate from your PC/Mac or your iOS®, Android™, or Windows device. Files can be created and modified with version tracking and file collaboration.


OnCampus OneDrive (available only to Faculty and Staff)

What is OnCampus OneDrive?

  • Secure method of sharing documents instead of emailing attachments
  • Housing data within Western's central WTS infrastructure (storing information on-campus as opposed to within the Microsoft cloud with the traditional OneDrive)
  • Each user will receive 250MB quota
    • Same as the Convergence default Email quota

Watch this video to get familiar with OnCampus OneDrive

Accessing OnCampus OneDrive

Login using your User ID and password at​

Select OneDrive on the purple menu bar at the top of the page. 

OneDrive Menu

If this is the first time using OnCam​pus OneDrive, it will take a few minutes to complete the configuration, during this time you will see the screen shown below.

provisioning window

​Once the configuration is completed, you will see the screen shown below. 

post provision view

You can now access your OnCampus OneDrive, by selecting OneDrive from the purple menu bar at the top of the page. 

Sharing your OnCampus OneDrive

How Do I Share my Files using OnCampus OneDrive?

Before you can begin sharing your files, you need to add them to your OnCampus OneDrive Library.

  • You can either click new document or drag and drop your files.

adding files window

  • Select who you want to share your folder or document with by selecting the ellipses next to the folder or filename and clicking SHARE.

    sharing window

  • Choose who you wish to share with by typing in their names, email addresses, or Everyone. Select Share to begin sharing.

sharing window

Managing your OnCampus OneDrive Files

How do I delete files in my OnCampus OneDrive Library?

Click the ellipses next to the filename and on the callout, click the ellipses next to EDIT SHARE FOLLOW.

From the menu, click Delete.

Deleted files go to your recycle bin. Click here for instructions on restoring a deleted file.

  • Note: Recyle Bin files count towards your quota.

How do I rename files in my OnCampus OneDrive Library?

First click to select the file you want to rename and then click the ellipses next to the filename.

Click the ellipses next to EDIT SHARE FOLLOW.

From the menu select Edit Properties, enter the new name for the file.

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