Frequently Asked Questions - Office for Home Use

Why am I getting an 'Incorrect User ID or password" message when I log in to
Be sure to use your full Western email address (including If you stiil receive the error, your email password may not be synchronized with the Western Active Directory which is required for some Western services, including

How do I synchronize my Western email password?
Follow the password synchronization steps outlined at For additional assistance, contact the Helpdesk @ 519-661-3800 (x83800).

Why can't I access the personal Microsoft 365 account I subscribed to years ago?
If you had a previous personal Microsoft 365 account that uses your Western credentials, you now have an option to choose either account:

  • Go to (instead of using the “microsoftonline” link)
  • In the top right of that page there is a “Sign In” drop down with two options, “For Home” and “Work, School or University.
  • Select the “For Home” option then log in using your personal Microsoft credentials

This will take you to your personal O365 account where you can manage office software, onedrive, use office online, and so on.

Can I install Office Pro Plus if I'm using Windows Vista?
No, the Vista OS is not supported. More details can be found on the following MS Support page.

Why is it asking for an activation key when I install Office on my Mac computer?
The software is activated by signing into Office365 with your Western Credentials. On install, you should be given three options for activation; choose the second option:
      (1) Activation code - enter a product key
      (2) Sign into an existing office 365 subscription
      (3) Try office 365, including office for Mac

Why do I get the message “Sorry, we are having some temporary server issues” when I’m almost through the activation steps on my new Mac computer? 
According to the MS forums, you should “force quit” out of the Setup Assistant to remove the message and then launch the MS application (i.e. Word) where you will enter your credentials to activate. It also indicates that you may need to restart your computer.

Why won't Excel allow me to activate it again after I reinstalled it on my iPad? 
Your iPad settings must be updated; close the application then under the settings for Excel, select "reset Excel". Once that is done, launch Excel and this time it will ask you to activate not purchase Excel.

Can I use Office365 when I'm offline?
You don’t need to be connected to the Internet all the time to use Office desktop programs like Word and Excel. But you must connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days. This is so that the status of your subscriptions can be checked. If you don’t connect within 30 days, Office goes into reduced functionality mode. After you connect to the Internet and your subscription status is verified, all the features of Office are available again.

If I leave Western how long will MS Office continue to be available and what happens to the software?
The timeframe for deactivation of the software benefit will vary, depending on the nature of your relationship to Western.

  • Once deactivated, the software will go into a state of reduced functionality
  • In order to continue to use Microsoft Office after this point, you will need to purchase a full copy of the software or arrange for a personal subscription to Microsoft Office 365

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