Resetting a Forgotten Password

If you have answered your challenge response questions, you are already using the Western Identity Manager system, and can use those questions to reset your password.

If you are any member of the Western Community (i.e. Applicants, Students, Faculty, Staff, Associate Person), you will need your User ID. Then go to the Identity Manager Login Page and follow the following steps:

  • enter your Western Identity User ID - i.e., jdoe4
  • click 'Forgot Password'
  • answer the 3 questions on the page
  • click 'Login'

If you have not yet answered your challenge response questions, select one of the options below:


If you are a Student/Student Applicant, you will need your Student Number and your Access Code. Then you will go the Identity Manager Password Reset Page.

Student Password Reset


If you are Faculty/Staff/Associate Person, you will need your Western ID number (Western Employee Number). Then you will contact the WTS Computer Accounts Office .

Staff Password ResetEmployee Password Reset

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