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What is Identity Manager?

Western Identity Manager (IDM) is an application to help you manage your electronic identity here at Western. Currently Western Identity Manager is the online location where you manage your account password, security questions and Non-Person Accounts(NPA) now known as Service Identities.

On August 6th, 2019 IDM recieved an upgrade. 

What to expect with the new IDM:

  • New online location – – you will no longer need to visit
  • We have given IDM a brand new fresh look and feel. The new design will be more compatible with mobile devices.
  • Your User ID and Password will remain the same.
  • Due to security requirements you will need to setup new Challenge/Response questions upon first login.
  • What was formerly known as Non-Person Accounts (NPA) will now be referred to as Service Identities. Any of your managed NPAs from the old system will be moved over to the new system under the Service Identities tab.
  • The previously existing features Synchronize my Password and IDM Subscribe are no longer required with the new system.

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