About Western's Identity Manager

What is Western Identity Manager?

Western Identity Manager is an application to help you manage your electronic identity here at Western. The first use of this product will be to manage your Western password. 


Web Based Self Service Interface

Western Identity Manager provides a 24/7 web-based password mangement interface. This interface is common for all users. Our goal is to provide functionality while reducing the number of times a user has to call for help from the Helpdesk.

Challenge Response Password Reset Functionality

Western Identity Manager provides a challenge response password reset functionality. Challenge Response will be familiar to many users who access online banking. It is a set of questions and answers used to identify you. You can use this feature to retrieve a new password should you forget/lose your password. Learn more about Challenge Response Functionality here.

Improved Security

Western Identity Manager has improved security by increasing the strength of the encryption used to store your password. We have also enhanced the password policy by extending the optional maximum length of a password to 32 characters.


Start Using Western Identity Manager

There are currently 2 ways to start using Western Identity Manager functionally.

  1. If you currently have a Western Identity and you DO NOT know your password, you can reset your password via previous methods..
  2. If you received your new identity from Western after December 3rd 2009, you can log in to Western Identity Manager to set up your challenge response answers.

Provide Feedback

WTS welcomes all feedback regarding services, including our deployment of Western Identity Manger.

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.


Support for Western Identity Manager is provided through the Helpdesk. Please contact the Helpdesk at 519-661-3800 or via email helpdesk@uwo.ca for assistance.

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